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Millionaire’s Sayings team works with brands and agencies to create content which is relatable and gets shared instantly. We create content in the format of Charticles, listicles, video stories and long format articles. The branded content is made in such a way that it relates with the audiences like any other story.


Banner ads with contextual targeting.

Video + Social Media

At Millionaire’s Sayings we give you the best, latest and exclusive media content with our creative teams working with top-notch brands and agencies. This is what we do: We provide you with pretty intriguing videos and Social Media management. We build your page with the right audience, maintain the posts on the page and create amazing engagements.


Hamza Ali

Founder @ Millionaire’s Sayings

Ahmed Mateen

Founder @ Millionaire’s Sayings

Adnan Yousafzai

Content Producer @ Millionaire’s Sayings

Our Partners

Millionaire’s Sayings founded on (10 Feb 2016) The team behind this motivation page are as followed Hamza Ali ( CEO ) , Ahmed Mateen ( CEO ) & Adnan Yousafzai ( Content Producer )