10 Insanely Expensive Household items That Only Millionaires Can Afford

You evaluate a person’s lifestyle by looking at their household goods. Gold and crystal dishes, genuine leather couches and pricey bath salts make you envy them. But there are some luxury items in the market that only the filthy rich can enjoy. While it is fun to be able to buy whatever you wish to, some of such products are ridiculously overpriced and completely unnecessary and make you question the sanity of the buyer.

Following is a list of everyday use items that only the rich can get their hands on.

1. Gold Toilet – $5 million

This solid gold toilet set has been made by Hang Fung Gold Technology Group. It is showcased in the company’s showroom called “The Hall of Gold”. To avoid scuffing the floor, all visitors must wear plastic covers on their shoes.


2. Set of Straws – $888

These straws are made up of stainless steel and are 24-carat gold plated. They are sold by The House Of Solid Gold. Now that’s how a millionaire impresses his guests.


3. Bar of Soup – $2,800

This soup made of gold and diamond powder is called Qatar. Its creators are a Lebanese family-run business who make organic soups. The company does not claim that the soup will work wonders for you.


4. Alarm Clock – $285

This Chelsea Square Desk Alarm Clock in Nickel performs just like any ordinary alarm clock. It does not make waking up any easier, it does not get your morning tea ready and no, it does not sound any less annoying.


5. Knife – $39,600

This Nesmuk Diamond Studded Knife is the sharpest knife in the world. It comes with a matching ring. You can not take the knife everywhere but you can always wear the ring and elaborate that you own the knife when someone inquires about the ring.


6. Gold Light Switch – $250

This 14-carat gold plated switch is designed by Tobias Wong. It looks and functions like a normal switch. Only a complete show off will buy this.


7. Perfect Pencil – $12,800

This pencil created by Faber-Castell is made out of Pernambuco wood and ebony. It has an 18-carat white gold end piece and sharpener and 3 diamonds embedded in its end. However, you can not expect it to improve your writing even a bit.


8. Royal Toilet Paper – $17

Hanebisho is world’s most expensive toilet paper and is made in Japan. Each roll of theses fancy, multi-colored toilet paper is for $17. You’ll pay for these if you an artistic toilet experience.


9. Tube of Toothpaste – $100

Made by Dr. Tetsou Nakamoto, this tooth paste promises you a million dollar smile. Its secret ingredient called Rennou strengthens the enamel. But isn’t that what your $3 toothpaste does too?


10. Concrete Aalto Doorstop – $3500

This doorstop is made out of the original Alvar Aalto Savoy Vase. While it actually is a special piece of concrete, all it does is keep a door steady.



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