World’s Top Ten Youngest Billionaires With Unbelievably High Net Worths

Making a fortune at a young age isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. You have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth or be exceptionally passionate, enthusiastic and determined. Or insanely and out of this world lucky.  The following people are the wealthiest youth from around the world, with unbelievably heavy bank accounts.

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35 years old Fuli Zong inherited billions from her business tycoon father Zong Qinghov, who is the CEO of the Hangzhou Wahaha Group and the 35th richest person in the world. She is his only child and thus will be among the richest females on the globe in the future. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and is also a philanthropist. Her charity foundation gives scholarships to needy students.

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The co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Airbnb, Joe Gebbia is 35. From being unable to pay his room rent to being among the most successful young entrepreneurs, his story is truly inspiring. He and Brian Chesky started with a website called “AirBed & Breakfast.”, sold “Obama O’s” and “Cap’n McCains,” cereal boxes to gather funds for their company, and finally got their first seed funding in 2009.

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35 years old Brain Chesky is the co-founder and CEO of Airbnb.  He was named among the “100 Most Influential People of 2015”. Airbnb today is spread over 33000 cities and has spread over 65 million clients. It is the 2nd largest tech company with the highest value after Uber at $30 billion.

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The Chief Technology Officer of Airbnb, Nathan Blecharczyk was a highly ambitious boy since his academic years. He made enough through his software business to pay for his education. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has worked in companies like Microsoft. His effort took Airbnb to the height of success the company is at today.

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33 years old Scott Duncan and his sisters inherited $3.1 billion upon the death of their father. He is also the co-founder of Enterprise Products. He owns above 50,000 miles of gas pipeline, natural oils, and petrochemicals. In 2010, Duncan became the 1st American billionaire to pay no estate tax since its enactment.

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36 years old Yang Huiyan, the 70% shareholder of Country Garden Holdings, is the richest woman in Asia. She is the Vice Chairman of the board’s governance committee and helped the company raise $410 million in 2014. Yang studied marketing and linguistics at Ohio University.

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One of the co-founders of Facebook. Eduardo Saverin is a Brazilian entrepreneur and angel investor and helped startups like Qwiki and Jumio. He holds 2% of Facebook shares worth 53 million.

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Another co-founder of Facebook, Dustin Moskovitz left Facebook to co-found Asana. He was titled as the “youngest self-made billionaire in history” in 2014. He also co-founded the philanthropist organization Good Ventures with his wife. The organization shares a partnership with charity evaluator GiveWell.

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Grandson of Walmart founder Sam Walton, Lukas Walton is 31 years of age. He also inherited a fortune from his mother. He is involved in charitable activities and donates for various causes including education, healthcare, and community development.

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On top of the list is Mark Zuckerburg, the co-founder, and Chairman of Facebook. Zuckerberg is the 5th richest person in the world and is among the most influential people internationally. He receives a salary of $1 as the SEO of Facebook and has announced donating 99% of his wealth to “advancing human potential and promoting equality”.

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